A New Pharma

On March 12-13, 2019, a group of pharmaceutical leaders will devise the worldʼs first global bioethics agreement. Below are some of the draft clauses that will be debated and ratified, with the contents to be released to the media on March 14 at 9.00am CET.

A 50% reduction in cancer deaths by 2050.

A 60% reduction in prescription error fatalities.

Eradication of infectious diseases like malaria by 2060.

Max single-digit % price rises for every medicine every year.

Basic medicines & vaccines free to the poorest 10% in every country.

Every clinical trial designed and evaluated by patients by 2020.

Improve health literacy by 30% in all countries.

Patients financially compensated for sharing personal health data by 2025.

10%+ of profits spent on health literacy, education & patient support.

These are some of the draft clauses that will be debated, revised and agreed by major pharmaceutical companies in Barcelona on March 12-13, 2019, as we create the first global bioethics agreement between pharmaceutical companies, to be released to the media on March 14 at 9.00am CET.

Other clauses will cover data transparency, diversity, ethics in promotion, developing world access, IP and generic competition.

Companies that sign the Treaty will be bound to the terms of the agreement and required to publish annual reports to track progress against goals.

Our Ambition

The healthcare industry and in particular the pharmaceutical sector is often considered misaligned with the health and social goals of the global public. Unexplained cost rises, poor access to medicines in developing nations and low transparency has led to a reputation so poor that it prevents dialogue and constructive partnership.

Yet as we saw with the Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement and others, nations came together to agree ambitious goals to reduce climate change. Several industries were mobilised and set mandatory targets which have already brought significant effect. Indeed, innovations have created entire new industries and changed consumer relationships for the better.

Unless the Barcelona Treaty is ambitious, it won’t attract public interest. And if it doesn’t attract public interest, it won’t hold companies accountable. And if companies aren’t held accountable, they won’t change and have the influence required.

It’s healthcare’s turn to be bold.

Submit your proposal

Members of the public, patients, pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and other stakeholders are invited to submit their ideas for inclusion in the Barcelona Treaty. The closing deadline for submissions is December 1st, 2018. Submissions will be reviewed and delivered to industry leaders in order to inform the debate.

Submit your Idea

The Steering Committee

A 5-person steering committee shall be established in August 2018 to guide and inform preparations leading up to the summit. The committee will also research initiatives to date which have preceded the Barcelona Treaty, and will collate all submissions via this website received before the December 1st 2018 deadline.

This committee will be comprised of individuals who each independently formed similar initiatives prior to establishing the Barcelona Treaty, and have come together to avoid replicating efforts.