The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made of several industry volunteers who had each independently formed similar initiatives prior to establishing the Barcelona Treaty, and have come together to avoid replicating future efforts.

The committee will manage a research process as follows:

  • To landscape existing work on existing or past ethics charters, codes, treaties, contracts and declarations by individuals or groups
  • To encourage, obtain and collate new submissions from the public, patients, industry and stakeholders for Treaty inclusions, via this website

The committee shall matrix the summarizing points of agreement, contention and areas for discussion for industry leaders who have been invited to debate and devise the first Barcelona Treaty in advance on March 12-13, 2019.

Advisory Board

In addition to the Steering Committee we have established an Advisory Board. Each Advisory Board member has agreed to commit resources and time towards the .

If you wish to be part of the Advisory Board, you may apply by stating your reasons and role to The deadline for entries is September 1st 2018.

Current Advisory Board members are as follows:

Names to be published shortly

Source Advice

Organisations from which we plan to co-ordinate advice: